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GEMS’ mission is to interest young people, who might not otherwise give serious thought to becoming scientists or engineers, in STEM careers early enough that they have the time to attain the appropriate academic training. The program is based on a multi-disciplinary educational curriculum, and is focused on age and grade-appropriate hands-on activities, in areas such as science, engineering, mathematics, computational sciences, computational biology, biomedical sciences, chemistry and biology.

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You'll Get To...

  • work with other students your age to explore STEM topics that are related to current, cutting-edge U.S. Army research
  • work beside college students that are pursuing STEM careers
  • learn about STEM in a hands-on, lab-based environment – no textbooks
  • there’s no fee to participate, and we issue a small stipend to cover some of your costs
  • meet students, teachers, scientists and engineers who live and work near you


  • Rising 5th through 12th graders are eligible.
  • Participants must be U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent legal residents.

More Information

All students who are selected and successfully participate in GEMS qualify for an educational stipend ($100 per week) to offset any cost to the student or family to participate (travel and food).

Information for Volunteers

GEMS is looking for NEAR PEER MENTORS. Local college and high school students, spend your summer mentoring the next generation of innovators.

GEMS and Volunteers

GEMS relies on local college and high school students to work alongside teachers and Army research scientists to provide inquiry-based, hands-on lab experiments and activities. This is not just a summer work opportunity but a way to give back to your local community.

GEMS Near-Peer Mentors receive a stipend based on experience and education level.

  • If you are 16 years of age or older,
  • If you want to mentor other students with hands-on experiments alongside Army research laboratories,
  • And if you have the desire to share your passion for STEM with other students, this program is for you!

Important Dates

November - December
Near Peer Mentor (NPM) and Resource Teacher (RT) applications open

Near Peer Mentors and Resource Teachers interview and begin security clearance process

January - February
Student participants application opens (exact dates vary by site)

March – April
Student application deadline

April – May
Applications reviewed & participants selected

Selected students notified

June – August
Students participate in GEMS program (length and dates vary by location)

Take your teaching out of the classroom and into the lab!

GEMS is looking for RESOURCE TEACHERS. Spend your summer introducing the excitement of STEM to a new generation of innovators.

GEMS and Educators

GEMS relies on local teachers to work alongside Army research scientists to provide inquiry-based, hands-on lab experiments and activities. The goal is to interest young people in STEM careers early enough that they have the time to prepare for their academic futures.

GEMS Resource Teachers receive a stipend based on experience and education level.


  • If you have a teaching certificate or degree in a STEM subject,
  • If you want to introduce students to hands-on experiments and learning,
  • And if you have the desire to guide students typically underrepresented in STEM, this program is for you!

Interested in this program?

If you are interested in this program email us or call 1-800-807-9852. We'd love to hear from you!

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