The Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) GEMS 2021 program is a collaborative effort offered by the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command’s (DEVCOM) Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense (MRICD).  Programs are designed to excite students in STEM and to encourage their pursuit of higher STEM education and careers.

If you are interested in participating as a GEMS student at APG, MD please review the sessions listed under FOR STUDENTS below. Check back January 4, 2021 to apply.

If you are enrolled in college and interested in serving as a Near-Peer Mentor apprenticeship in the GEMS program select FOR EDUCATORS below to see further information and to apply.

Note – Due to COVID-19 impacts, all programs will be delivered virtually. All participants must have access to computer to participate.

*NOTE: There will be no stipends for students who participate in GEMS virtually in summer 2021. 


GEMS I: MRICD Diverse Topics: Students entering the 5th-7th grade will participate in activities from a variety of STEM disciplines such as chemistry, mathematics, biology, engineering, earth science etc.  Students will work in a large virtual classroom environment as well as within virtual break-out sessions designed for small group activities taught by college students. Activities are designed to excite these students in STEM and inspire them to consider future STEM pathways while they are still early in their educational journey.
2021 Dates: (four day sessions) June 28-July 1, July 19-22 and Aug 2-5 

GEMS II: ARL Diverse Topics: Students entering 7th-10th grades will participate in activities from a variety of STEM disciplines, such as chemistry, mathematics, computer science, environmental science etc. Army scientists, engineers and teachers will provide lessons and lead activities.  Students will interact in a large virtual classroom environment and work in smaller teams within virtual break-out sessions. Discussions will encompass real Army science applications that provide students with insight to STEM higher education and career pathway opportunities.
2021 Dates: (four day sessions) June 28-July 1, July 12-15 and July 26-29

GEMS II: ARL Engineering: Students entering 8th-10th grades will learn principles of computer aided design (CAD), applications of additive manufacturing and investigate the science of motion, exploring conditions that affect objects in motion. Students will build catapults and compete in a challenge to study the science of motion and force. Students will also learn about data collection using a variety of tools as well as probability and statistics. Using Tinkercad, students will design catapult parts to be 3D printed by staff members. Army scientists working in the additive manufacturing field will engage with students daily.
2021 Dates: (five day session) Aug 2-6

GEMS III: ARL Computer Science Principles: Students entering 10th-12th grade will investigate computer science principles, develop basic algorithms, examine programming languages and techniques and explore how computing and technology can impact the world.  Basic programming skills and use of Python programming language is required. Pre-requisite: Students will be requested to complete programming tutorial prior before the start of the first day.
2021 Dates: (four day session) July 12-15

GEMS III ARL Computer Science Applications: This is a fast paced week with hands on exercises providing the student entering 10th-12th grade the opportunity to apply computer science and programming skills learned. Topics may include data analytics, robotics, cryptography and machine learning. Pre-requisite: This is a programming intensive course and students are expected to a) complete a 10-hour online programming tutorial before the start of their first day or b) show a working knowledge of programming by completion a programming exercise or c) completed GEMS III Computer Science Principles I.
2021 Dates: (four day session) July 19-22

GEMS III ARL Computer Engineering: Students entering 10th-12th grade will use a raspberry pi, LEDs, motors, breadboards, switches, and programming to design and construct complex systems. Students will learn how variable inputs and variable outputs can be integrated with computer programming to accomplish complex tasks. By the end of the week students will be proficiency with bread boarding, designing, and wiring control output systems. Possible projects students can complete include creating programming LED Sequences, an LED Spectrum Analyzer, an Audio Reactive LED strip, or a mini-crane.
2021 Dates: (four day session) Aug 9-13

Important Dates

January 4 - March 15, 2021
Student Applications Open

March 15, 2021
Near-Peer Mentor and Resource Teacher Applications Close

Near-Peer Mentor (NPM):
Summer virtual internship opportunity for STEM or education majors interested in gaining leadership and hands on laboratory experience.  Near-peer mentors (NPMs) have the chance to work with Army scientists and engineers, earn a competitive stipend, develop career network connections and help to inspire the next generation of STEM professionals. NPMs must be U.S. citizens and currently enrolled in college.  They will receive a competitive stipend based on completed semester hours and experience.

Resource Teacher (RT):
Summer virtual opportunity to serve as a student advisor/mentor as well as a lab instructor. Army professionals leverage RTs’ skill and experience with students to help deliver curriculum during laboratory sessions. They help to bridge potential instructional and learning gaps between the students and the Army scientists and engineers. RTs must be U.S. Citizens and have a teaching degree or certificate.  They will receive a competitive stipend based on education level and experience.

Select Apply Today for program descriptions, dates and the NPM/RT application portal.  Applications are open thru March 15th, 2021.

Interested in This Program?

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