Research Experiences for STEM Educators and Teachers (RESET), a division of the Army Educational Outreach Program (AEOP), is designed to provide high school and middle school educators with high-quality professional development along with an authentic summer research experience at participating Army Research Laboratories and Centers. The program serves educators nation-wide while prioritizing those who serve communities with historically underserved/ underrepresented populations. RESET immerses STEM educators in authentic research so that they are equipped to provide students with opportunities to apply STEM concepts within real-world contexts.

RESET Objectives

  1. Empower K-12 STEM educators to incorporate research-based best practices in STEM education;
  2. Immerse educators in real-world research at Army research laboratories, while leveraging unique Army resources and the mentorship of world-class Army Scientists & Engineers;
  3. Increase educator awareness of and interest in STEM careers across the DoD;
  4. Promote collaboration and problem-solving in a team environment;
  5. Support educators as they create effective STEM research curricula based on their real-world research experiences; and,
  6. Increase students’ awareness and interest in STEM content and in STEM careers in the DoD using authentic real-world context drawn from their teacher’s experiences with research at Army research laboratories.


RESET is designed for high school and upper middle school teachers of science, math and/or career technical education (CTE) including engineering and other topics closely related to STEM.

RESET Program Options for Middle or High School STEM educators

Apply either as a Level 1 or as a Level 2 Participant.

Level 1

  • 60-hour time commitment
  • $1500 total stipend
  • Online PD (fall – synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Online Army Scientist & Engineer Chat Sessions (Spring)
  • STEM Curriculum Development (Summer)

Level 2

  • Everything from Level 1
  • Conduct real-world research under the supervision of a world-class Army Scientist or Engineer
  • Additional 160-hour time commitment
  • Additional $4000 total stipend + travel & housing

Important Dates

April - November

September - December
Online Professional Development

January - April
U.S. Army Scientist & Engineer Chat Sessions (All Levels - 1–3 opportunities/month)

June / July
Summer Research
STEM Curriculum Development

Early August
Curriculum Presentations

Interested in This Program?

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