The GEMS programs at US Army Research Lab – Orlando (ARL-O), Florida are a joint/collaborative effort between the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), NASA Kennedy Space Center, the Veterans Administration (VA) Simulation Learning Center (SimLearn) and Universal Studios.  ARL-O is foremost a Partnership Lab. Thus we have combined a GEMS program to capture students attention in four fields/industries; modeling and simulation, space, medical, and entertainment.  ARL-O has Government Science and Technology experts who work with industry and academia to bring research projects to a level where a demonstration, an experiment or user test can be initiated in order to facilitate the transition of technology.  ARL-Orlando is focused on maturing modeling and simulation technologies such as: virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile, intelligent tutors, cloud computing, human-robot teams, and medical simulation.  If you have ever played a video game, maybe a multi-player game, saw from a bird’s eye view a strategy game, been in a simulator, seen a hologram or seen individuals or teams work with robots, then you have an idea of what we do.  We employ entertainment principles to physically, mentally and emotionally immerse Soldiers for the serious job of training by making technology more user friendly, engaging and effective.  This important work has the potential to save the military time, money, and lives.  Together with our partners, NASA, VA, and Universal Studios we invite you to join us for a week of Elite GEMS.

GEMS I provides grades 6 through 8 students with a wide variety of hands-on modules, demonstrations, experiments and tours to stimulate the C4P (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving). Students selected for the program will experience exciting Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related activities using some of the most current technology in modeling and simulation, space, medical, and entertainment; this is a great opportunity for those students interested in exploring STEM.

Interested in this program?

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