STEM Enrichment Activities

AEOP’s STEM Enrichment Activities are designed to spark student interest in STEM- especially among the underserved and those in earlier grades- and educators by providing exciting, engaging, interactive, hands-on STEM experiences:



AEOP’s STEM Competitions are designed to expose students to scientific research methods and engineering principles in an interactive, hands-on way, and enables them to compete for recognition, scholarships and awards:



AEOP Apprenticeships provide a unique opportunity for high school and undergraduate students to conduct real-world, Army-sponsored research alongside practicing scientists and engineers in world-class facilities.

DoD Scholarships & Awards

The Department of Defense provides a variety of opportunities that enable students to pursue their STEM education through fellowships, grants and tuition-for-service programs:


It Starts Here.

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The AEOP is comprised of Army-sponsored research, education, competitions, internships and practical experiences designed to engage and guide students and teachers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education!

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AEOP is committed to delivering resources and programs that empower our educators to exponentially impace students. We rely on the expertise, knowledge and input of our educators, partners, mentors and other volunteers like you!

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