Posted: 02-06-2024

Location: U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command – Adelphi Laboratory Center

Level: Graduate Student/Postdoctoral 

General Topic: Quantum computing/Computer Science

Description of Research:The 171Yb+ ion qubit (T2 >> 1 s) underpins leading academic and commercial efforts to build general-purpose NISQ-scale computing nodes. Extension of this approach to impactful quantum computing requires a mechanism to network compute nodes: photon-mediated ion-ion entanglement is the leading approach. An effort in ARL’s Quantum Science Branch is exploring entanglement distribution over long baseline optical fiber links. Summer 2024 projects will be devised based on project needs and guest researcher background. Topics in 2022-2023 included the following.   Design of a molecular dynamics model of nonlinear phenomena in laser-cooled ions in a ring-trap with an application to quantum random access memories. Laser offset locking using the Pound-Drever-Hall (PDH) technique enhanced by optical serrodyne modulation. Application of a 760 nm distributed Bragg reflector laser (DBR) to improve the repump rate of the 2F7/2 state in Yb+ qubits.  Design of a long working distance, high numerical aperture objective lens for efficient coupling of single 1650 nm photons to SMF-28 optical fiber. Construction of a fiber-based self-heterodyne apparatus for characterization of laser frequency noise in the near-infrared.

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