February 13, 2024

The AEOP team is thrilled to announce the 2024 AEOP Membership Council! This cohort of students, mentors and educators from across the country will work together to engage, inform and inspire potential students and AEOP participants through post-programmatic honors, educational and networking opportunities, as well as coordinate a variety of efforts to support fellow alumni. 

Learn more about our new council members below!

Eniola Aloba

Eniola is a senior in the science and technology program at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Maryland. She got involved with AEOP through GEMS in the 7th grade and developed a passion for computer science and cybersecurity. She has participated in programs such as CompuGirls CyberWarrior with Prince George’s Community College and The Knowledge Society x Amazon AHEAD. At school, she is the president of the Girls Who Code club, and she’s also a part of clubs such as the National Honor Society, Science National Society and The Cyber Security Club. Besides STEM, Eniola loves doing her hair, cooking and baking. Next year, she hopes to attend university, majoring in computer science and minoring in math or finance.

Shreyas Ananth

Shreyas, a junior at Leander High School in Texas, has been actively involved with AEOP since 2019 through eCYBERMISSION, dedicating four years to the program. Recently appointed to the AEOP Council in early 2024, he eagerly anticipates connecting with field experts and collaborating on expanding AEOP’s outreach initiatives. 

Showcasing his enthusiasm for science, Shreyas assumed leadership roles as an officer and captain of the build team in the Science Olympiad at Leander High. Beyond his academic pursuits, he initiated a tutoring program at his school to foster a passion for math among his peers. Alongside his studies, Shreyas channels his creativity into producing music under his own record label. With a keen interest in leveraging technology for societal impact, Shreyas is particularly focused on exploring innovative applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Isabelle Becraft

Isabelle is a 10th-grade student and a member of the science & technology program at her local high school. She plays soccer, futsal lacrosse, and she swims.

Outside of sports, Isabelle is involved in multiple school clubs, such as the Environmental Club, Composting Club and Women in Business Club, with plans to launch an Italian Club. Isabelle also enjoys playing the violin and piano, and she is an avid reader. 

Looking ahead, Isabelle is preparing for her mandatory research practicum, during which she intends to apply for science-focused internships.

Maren Berman

Maren is currently a Test Officer at the Army Test and Evaluation Command’s Aberdeen Test Center. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Maryland, where she was an active leader in the Student Steel Bridge Competition Team. GEMS was Maren’s first introduction to AEOP, and, after several years of participation and an AEOP-sponsored FLL (LEGO robotics) team, she completed two summers of AEOP Internships with the Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, Maryland. 

In her free time, she likes to ski, play soccer, climb rocks, bake and read. As part of the AEOP council, Maren hopes to reach young students of different backgrounds and encourage them to develop their STEM skills in a rewarding environment to further enhance a passionate STEM community!

Dr. Ashley Noel Carter

Dr. Carter was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a Bachelor of Science in agriculture from the University of Georgia, a Masters of Science in clinical nutrition from the University of Alabama-Birmingham , a Doctor of Philosophy in human sciences with a focus in nutrition science from Florida State University and a graduate certificate in measurement and statistics from FSU. 

Furthermore, she has experience as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Military Officer. Due to her military service, she has received a humanitarian award and an Armed Forces Service Medal because of her efforts to help communities during the COVID pandemic. 

Dr. Carter has experience teaching science, which has inspired her to participate in AEOP’s Research Experiences for STEM Educators and Teachers (RESET) program and serve on the AEOP Council. In addition to teaching science, she is an online graduate professor. She sees herself developing more leadership skills in education in the next year. 

Gordon Chen

Gordon, a high school sophomore, is passionate about science and engineering. After a rewarding GEMS program experience in 2023, his love for astronomy and interest in space engineering led him to join the Galaxy Explorers at Chabot Space and Science Center. Concerned about climate change and its local impacts, Gordon actively contributes to local city environmental projects, focusing on plant restoration and pond health maintenance. This past summer marked a special moment, as the “Wetland in the City” welcomed its first beaver. Looking ahead, Gordon aims to further enhance the local community, particularly by assisting neighborhood kids. In his free time, he enjoys reading, woodworking and camping.

Jennifer Crisafulli

Jennifer is a junior at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. She is pursuing a major in mathematics with a minor in environmental studies. Jennifer’s journey in STEM began with GEMS, which she attended for three years. She has continued to work with the Natick branch of AEOP’s GEMS program and highlights the role GEMS played in guiding her towards the path of STEM.

Jennifer also volunteers as a teaching aid at a local elementary school to encourage younger students to become more interested in school and STEM. In the summer of 2023, she secured an internship at the Natick Soldier Systems Center under DEVCOM, specifically with the Optics and Electromagnetic Materials Team in the Soldier Protection Directorate.

Jonathan Feldman

Jonathan, a high school senior, is deeply passionate about computer science, artificial intelligence and biomedicine. Currently serving as an intern at the U.S. State Department, he specializes in constructing large language models for diplomatic purposes. Additionally, he serves as the Director of Research for the Texas chapter of the nonprofit Encode Justice, which promotes the equitable use of AI. 

Looking ahead one year, Jonathan aspires to be a college freshman pursuing a degree in computer science.

Arnia Goode

Arnia, from Anne Arundel County, Maryland, is a high school senior and founder and president of her school’s robotics club. Arnia also plays varsity soccer and club soccer, and she is a certified soccer referee. Arnia first became involved with AEOP through GEMS during the summers of 2020 and 2021. After her experience through GEMS, Arnia has completed internships at the University of Maryland Robotics Center, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and the U.S. Naval Academy. 

She is excited to now be a returning member of AEOP’s Alumni Council. As a member of the Leadership Committee, Arnia hopes to engage younger kids in STEM learning by encouraging them to participate in AEOP programs. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her friends and family.

Iishaan Inabathini

Iishaan, a junior at Reedy High School in Frisco, Texas, became a member of the AEOP Alumni Council in early 2022. He focused on enhancing AEOP’s outreach initiatives and later served as the chair of the Council’s Leadership Subcommittee in 2023. He is an eCYBERMISSION alumnus, as well.

From 2021 to 2023, Iishaan represented students in the Frisco Independent School District (FISD) Legislative Leadership Committee, playing a role in shaping legislative priorities for the district. In 2023, he expanded his involvement by joining the FISD District Advisory Council, where he contributed to proposing bonds for community consideration.

With a deep interest in machine learning, statistics, computational biology and cognitive science, Iishaan embarked on an internship in 2024 at the Zhou Lab at UTSW focused on machine learning applications in genomics.

Looking ahead, Iishaan hopes to make significant contributions to AEOP through outreach and blog articles. Simultaneously, he aspires to actively contribute to ongoing machine learning research within the next year.

Simona Jude

Simona is currently a sophomore in high school. She was first introduced to AEOP through GEMS, which helped to spark her interest in engineering. She currently plays basketball.

In the future, she wants to pursue a career in biotechnology research. She hopes to inspire more AEOP members and can’t wait for what this year holds.

Cora Moore

Cora is a 17-year-old junior enrolled in the science and technology program at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. A dedicated athlete, she participates in her school’s varsity soccer team, basketball team and lacrosse team.

In addition to her athletic pursuits, Cora is passionate about academics. Some of her favorite classes include AP Environmental Science, AP Chemistry, AP Pre-Calculus and Physics. She has a keen interest in the sciences, particularly enjoying the study of the anatomy of the human body and its functioning.

Looking ahead, Cora aspires to engage in a research lab focused on biology for her research practicum within the next year.

Karthik Muthukkumar

Karthik is a junior at Urbana High School in Frederick, Maryland in the International Baccalaureate program. He first became involved with AEOP through AEOP Internships, completing a summer at the Johns Hopkins University in and later joining the AEOP Membership Council. He is currently interested in the intersection between computer science and medicine. 

He has built multiple apps, worked at a tech startup and has won top prizes at STEM competitions such as Regeneron ISEF. In his community, Karthik runs organizations that focus on community service and the advancement of STEM. In his time at the council, Karthik hopes to expand awareness of the vast opportunities of AEOP among many, while also networking with like-minded individuals and growing his personal skills in leadership and communication.

Spoorthy Reddy

Spoorthy is a freshman at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in biomedical engineering. Currently, she is focusing on academics and getting to know the resources on campus. She has been a council member for two years now. In her free time, she enjoys writing poetry and painting. In one year, she hopes to get better acquainted with her chosen field.

Neha Sharma 

Neha is currently a freshman in high school, where she studies biomedical science and engineering. Participating in GEMS sparked her interest in STEM. With a passion for DNA analysis and gene sequencing, Neha plans to continue her studies in biomedical research.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Neha is a competitive gymnast, ranking in the top 100 national athletes in her division for vault. She also has an interest in crocheting.

During her free time, Neha enjoys spending quality moments with family and friends, reading books and playing her flute.

Chintana Shetty

Chintana is a 14-year-old student with a diverse range of interests. She has a love for reading books, playing soccer, practicing the piano and playing video games. Recognized for her conscientious approach, Chintana takes tasks and assignments seriously, always ensuring their timely completion. As she looks towards the future, she envisions herself evolving into a more responsible and mature individual.

Adhvaith Sridhar

Adhvaith Sridhar, a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Minnesota, hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2022, he participated in the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS). During his free time, he plays tennis, the violin and reading. As a dedicated member of the Council, Adhvaith hopes to help shape outreach activities that will effectively reach and introduce more students to the world of STEM.

Radhati “Arthy” Srisukwattananan

Arthy is a senior at the Science and Mathematics Academy at Aberdeen High School planning to major in mechanical engineering. He is interested in mechatronics, materials science and music. Since 2016, Arthy has been part of the FIRST robotics programs and has served as captain at both FLL and FTC competition levels. Currently, Arthy is completing research on topology-optimized carbon fiber composites for compressive applications at his high school in inspiration by his AEOP Internship experience. After high school, Arthy plans to continue pursuing the challenge of competitive engineering and research. In his free time, Arthy enjoys weightlifting, playing piano and eating a lot.

Krish Wahi

Krish is a high school senior in a STEM magnet program. He first got involved with AEOP through the Research Foundations Program and GEMS, which fueled his interest in STEM research. Krish has spent the past three summers conducting research with the U.S. Government, addressing national issues and honing his STEM skills. Currently, he volunteers in his community at a hospital, food bank, election polls and nursing home. In the following year, Krish aims to continue serving his community and pursue higher education.

Kayli Wong

Kayli is currently a junior at Bellevue High School, passionate about both STEM and art. Her passion for these fields drives her academic pursuits. Looking ahead, Kayli envisions herself exploring various career opportunities after completing high school.

Sonnet Xu

Sonnet is a current student studying computer science at Stanford. She is interested in machine learning, as well as data science and its diverse applications in healthcare and finance.


Julie Yang

A current high school sophomore, Julie is thrilled to be a part of the AEOP Alumni Council. Her excitement for STEM was first sparked when she participated in the eCYBERMISSION program in middle school, where her team placed first at the state level, and was selected as a regional finalist. Since then, her love for STEM has grown a hundredfold! She especially enjoys the subjects of computer science and environmental science. 

Julie’s goal for 2024 is to be admitted into the Early College STEM Academy, where she can learn exciting and challenging content alongside older students. Aside from learning, Julie cherishes spending time with her family, playing piano and cello, weaving words into stories and mentoring younger students. 

Ethan Zhou

Ethan’s passion for STEM began after participating in the AEOP’s GEMS program in 2020, which inspired him to actively seek out STEM learning opportunities. He participated in American Computer Science League contests, the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling and various science fairs. In the summer of 2023, he conducted research on organic photovoltaics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell under the guidance of Professor Ramaswamy Nagarajan as part of the AEOP High School Internship program, contributing to the field of sustainable energy. Ethan expanded his pursuit in STEM learning as he took part in the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Cipher workshop in August 2023 and concluded his research project on AI safety as a Fellow of the Non-Trivial Fellowship program in September 2023. 

He received an AEOP Travel Award to present his team’s work on creating an interactive online simulator to visualize the impact of carbon emission on global warming at the Student Conference at Annual American Meteorological Society Conference in January 2024. 

Beyond his academic achievements, Ethan is an active member of the AEOP Alumni Council, contributing to the Content Creator Committee to promote AEOP’s programs. Ethan continues developing his research skills as an assistant in Professor Zhu Mao’s team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where he will become a dual enrollment student in his high school senior year. 

Andrew Beckmann

Andrew is a junior in the Eleanor Roosevelt High School Science and Technology Program who participated in AEOP’s GEMS program, where he enjoys physics and engineering. He recently was awarded an internship opportunity at the University of Maryland, and he hopes that next year, he will get an internship related to mechanical, biomedical engineering or physics. Outside of schoolwork, he is on the varsity cross country, track and lacrosse teams. He also loves playing the piano, learning guitar and baking. In 2024, he is hoping to learn more about future career options to best prepare him for picking a major for college. Andrew’s fun fact is that he has a twin sister who is also on the AEOP Council! 

Alena Beckmann

Alena is a junior in the Science and Technology Program at Eleanor Roosevelt High School. Alena is excited to begin an internship in the science field at the University of Maryland in College Park. Besides academics, she also participates in student government, the Alsabrooks Youth Leadership Institute, volunteering at her church and club and high school soccer. Looking ahead, Alena hopes to pursue a degree in the sciences, leading toward a career in the medical field. Her fun fact is similar to Andrew’s: Her twin brother is also on the AEOP Council!

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