Aiyana Evers

Posted on April 18, 2022

AEOP High School Apprenticeship See More


David Murray

Posted on January 18, 2022

Undergraduate Apprenticeships See More


Kevin Kaspar

Posted on September 10, 2021

eCYBERMISSION in 2015, 2016, 2017 See More


Vijay Ramesh

Posted on August 16, 2021

Undergraduate Apprenticeship Program and GEMS Near-Peer Mentor See More


Nhon Phan and Waiching Sun

Posted on March 26, 2021

Undergraduate Apprenticeship Program See More


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Interested in pursuing a career in STEM? Want to take the next step in STEM education? As an apprentice, gain first-hand exposure to the cutting-edge research that's happening in top university labs and U.S. Army Research Laboratories and Centers. Work under the mentorship of a professional scientist or engineer, learn about paths in your STEM field of interest, and develop the tools you need to get there. LEARN MORE