What AEOP program(s) did you participate in?

Junior Solar Sprint

Fun Facts

Austin: I love the outdoors, hunting, football, track and other outdoor activities.

Carter: I love hunting and fishing. I’m also a competitive archer. I also love to go mushroom hunting.

What are the Best Things about Working Together?

You can ask for support or help if you’re not sure about something. Being on a team means there is always company and different ideas are brought to the table when you have someone else, therefore you have more creativity put into your project. Having a partner to work with helped a lot in the sense of avoiding mistakes by double-checking. Communication was great between the two of us which really helps us with making improvements on the car.

What Changed about Your Project Over Time?

Once we realized we had a shot at winning we put all our heart into the project. We were craving a victory and a chance to travel to D.C.

What did You Learn by Working on this Project as a Team?

To trust each other more, to accept others ideas and to help inspire one another in times of hardship. Teamwork is key to success, if you can’t work well with your partner then you will get nowhere.

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Carter and Austin.

The Speedsters – Carter and Austin
  • Junior Solar Sprint (JSS)

    Junior Solar Sprint (JSS)

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