Tell Us about Yourself

I am a first-year student at LSU majoring in Environmental Chemistry with a minor in Music and Spanish.

What AEOP program(s) did you participate in?

AEOP High School Apprentieship

Words of Advice?

My advice for future AEOP participants is to be patient and open-minded of the people and experiences around you. I believe that understanding the people around is just as important as the research.

Best Things about the Program?

Assisting in the lab exposed me to a diverse and multicultural group of people that lived different lives than me. I ended up really enjoying that aspect of the program. From trying different teas with Dr. Lyman every morning to trying homemade Indian food from the graduate students, it was eye-opening. With my perception of working in the STEM field, I’ve always thought of working in lab and performing experiments as something interesting personally, and once I did it, I found it to be interesting as I hoped it to be. Working in the lab can be a challenge due to the repeated experiments of trial and error, but I found a liberation in this since experimentation is also so creative. You have to think inside, outside, and in-between the box, and sometimes there might not even be a box.

How Participating in AEOP Inspired You to Advance in the STEM Field?

Participating in AEOP inspired me to advance in the STEM field since I got to view how a lab functions in real life.

What are you future hopes and dreams?

To conduct research that changes the world and helps people. I also want travel all across the world and also to be musician and make music.

Landry Tucker
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