What AEOP program(s) did you participate in?

2021 AEOP Undergraduate Internships

Best Things about the Program?

One aspect of the AEOP program that pleasantly surprised me was the structured support and guidance provided beyond the mentorship. In addition to the valuable insights I gained from my mentor, the program incorporated two different interviews conducted throughout its duration. These interviews played a crucial role in ensuring that I was on the right track with my research and had a thorough understanding of the work I was undertaking. Also, throughout the program, there was continuous support and accessibility from the AEOP Internships and Fellowship team, who were always available to answer any questions. This support contributed significantly to the positive and enriching experience.

How Participating in AEOP Inspired You to Advance in the STEM Field?

My AEOP experience was transformative as it provided my first exposure to a research lab, building upon the foundational knowledge gained from research-based classes. The program facilitated hands-on experience in the lab, with mentor-organized meetings enhancing my understanding of the ongoing research. Learning sessions on project-specific tools, like NUPACK, were integral, and the culminating presentation at the program’s end significantly improved my presentation skills, making the overall experience invaluable to my academic and professional development.

What are your future hopes and dreams?

My most ambitious goal in STEM is to contribute to the field of solid-organ transplantation, advancing technologies and techniques to enhance organ compatibility and contribute significantly to transplantation medicine.

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Karena Catherine Joy

Karena Catherine Joy
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