Posted: 03-28-2023

FELLOWSHIP TYPE: Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, or related field

LOCATION: Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
503 Robert Grant Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910


About Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research dates back to 1893. Around the world, WRAIR works alongside civilian researchers, medical professionals, and military personnel to develop and test products that will ultimately reduce the impact of some of the most dangerous and debilitating diseases.

WRAIR provides unique research capabilities and innovative medical solutions to a range of Force Health Protection and Readiness challenges currently facing U.S. Service Members, along with threats anticipated during future operations. Through both times of peace and war, infectious diseases have killed, sickened, and disabled far more Service Members than bombs and bullets. WRAIR has created a model of vaccine and therapeutic development that is unique, nimble, and responsive to dynamically evolving infectious disease threats of military importance. WRAIR, with its unparalleled expertise, facilities, and international network, has developed many vaccines and drugs in use today by military and civilian medicine around the globe.

Fellowship Description
About Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Laboratory of Molecular Engineering and Biochemistry is seeking a talented and motivated scientist with a desire to train in applied molecular biology and biochemistry. The Fellow will gain knowledge and experience in research focused on advancing novel technologies for delivery of biologic therapeutics and vaccines against infectious diseases of military my relevance. This training offers opportunities for designing, developing, and performing various assays to evaluate the efficacy and mode of action of vaccines/therapeutics and the characterization of novel vaccine/therapeutic targets. The candidate will have the opportunity to interpret and communicate results from in vitro and in vivo experiments using existing procedures and develop new ones. Training in this research area offers the candidate the opportunity to communicate findings across multi-disciplinary teams.

Training Experience
WRAIR offers the candidate the opportunity to gain experiences in:

  • Developing approaches for identifying optimal coding and noncoding mRNA sequences for evaluation in vitro and in vivo.
  • Developing processes for isolating high quality mRNA transcripts for evaluation of in vivo responses.
  • Developing and performing assays to determine activity in vitro and in vivo elicited by mRNA candidates.
  • Interpreting and communicating experimental data. Presenting data and results at internal and external meetings.
  • Additional experiences will be gained with laboratory techniques in the follow areas:
    • Vector construction and DNA Cloning
    • In Vitro Transcription (IVT)
    • Expertise in tissue culture (mammalian cell lines) is desirable
    • Familiarity with microplate-based assays including ELISA or luciferase

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