Posted: 03-23-2023

FELLOWSHIP TYPE: Graduate Fellow or Post-Doctoral Fellow

DURATION: Available immediately, 12 months (possibility of extension)

LOCATION: Army Cyber Institute (ACI), United States Military Academy,
Spellman Hall, 2101 New South Post Road, West Point, New York 10996


About the Army Cyber Institute (ACI)
The ACI is located at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. ACI is a national resource for interdisciplinary research, advice and education in the cyber domain, engaging Army, DoD, Government, Academic and Industrial cyber communities in impactful partnerships to build intellectual capital and expand the knowledge base for the purpose of enabling effective Army cyber defense and cyberspace operations.

Fellowship Project Description

  • A major focus in the cyberspace domain is the interaction between human cyber operators and their tools. Novel assistive automation technology is sought to improve cyber operators’ ability to meet the increasing size, speed, and complexity of tomorrow’s cyber battlefield. This position falls under the umbrella of a larger project to develop a software tool, ACCOLADE, that will provide assistive automation and expert tactics, techniques and procedures for cyber operators and defenders to improve the efficiency of their workflows. ACCOLADE will monitor the ongoing workflow and provide real-time context-sensitive decision support.
  • This position is located at the ACI in West Point, NY, and it focuses on the human-computer interaction (HCI) aspects of the project – the ACCOLADE graphical user interface (GUI). As such, the position will involve user needs assessment, user experience design, GUI design and prototyping, user-friendly information representation, and user usability assessment.
  • Based on low-level interactions with other applications (e.g., keystrokes, buttons pressed) and machine learning, ACCOLADE will infer a user’s current goal in real time. The ACCOLADE interface will represent the inferred, in-progress goal and/or workflow, offer suggestions for next steps (decision and execution support), allow user feedback, and potentially display additional information – for example, to facilitate situational awareness and coordination among cyber team members.

Preferred Skills:

  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI) & User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) Design: Assessing User Needs, Interface Design/Prototyping; Devising user-friendly ways to represent/display information; Experimental methods to assess the usability/effectiveness of an interface and obtain user feedback.
  • Proficiency with Adobe XD Interface Prototyping Tool would be a bonus
  • Task/Workflow Analysis – Eliciting knowledge from expert users (here, cyber operators/defenders) and representing the sequences of subtasks or steps (mental or manual) to achieve various goals.

Keywords applied to this posting:
human computer interaction; human factors engineering; human systems engineering; ergonomics; user experience; user needs assessment; usability; knowledge elicitation; task analysis; workflow analysis; interface design; interface prototyping; Adobe XD; cybersecurity.

Fellowship Educational Stipend Amount:
Total Stipend: up to $100,000 (up to base educational stipend $90,000, Health Insurance Allowance up to $7,000 and Relocation Allowance up to $3,000).

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