What AEOP program(s) did you participate in?

Research & Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP)

What are you doing now?

I’m a rising high school senior and interested to attend a university that develops undergraduates to tackle current health challenges. I would like to major in Biology with a focus on Global Health.

What are the best things about the program(s) in which you participated?

I had the opportunity to work as a microbiology research assistant at the Shaw Lab, University of South Florida, researching molecular mechanisms of disease causation in the major human pathogens that cause two thirds of all hospital acquired infections. I quickly realized that evidence-based research is a path to humility and perseverance in a laboratory setting. Utilizing the research skills cultivated, I produced and presented a scholarly academic paper to successfully complete my AP Capstone (College Board Innovative Diploma Program) Research course in my high school junior year.

Why are you excited to be on the AEOP Alumni Leadership Council?

I am interested to promote AEOP to others born with a birth defect seeking to enhance their lives through academic achievement and pursuing postsecondary opportunities.

Bob Schofner
  • Research & Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP)

    Research & Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP)

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