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Applicants About SEAP Mission Programs Science and Engineering Apprentice Program

About SEAP

  Program Overview

The Science and Engineering Apprentice Program (SEAP) matches practicing DoD scientists with talented high school students creating a direct mentor-student relationship that provid3s students with training that is unparalleled at most high schools. SEAP participants receive first-hand research experience and exposure to Department of Defense laboratories. SEAP fosters desire in its participants to pursue further training and careers in STEM.

SEAP students work with their mentors, Army scientists and engineers, to gain “hands-on” experience in a professional research setting – where students are treated as research assistants rather than teenagers. SEAP provides students with the opportunity to learn how STEM research can benefit the Army as well as the civilian community. Students gain a broader view of their STEM field of interest and learn what kind of work awaits them in their future career.

At the end of the SEAP apprenticeship, students prepare and present final reports based on their research experience. All SEAP students who successfully complete their apprenticeship are awarded an educational stipend ($2,000 for first-year students).

Program Goals
• Acquaint qualified high school students with the activities of Department of Defense laboratories through summer research and engineering experiences.
• Provide students with opportunities in and exposure to scientific and engineering practices and personnel not available in their school environment.
• Expose those students to DoD research and engineering activities and goals in a way that encourages a positive image and supportive attitude toward our defense community.
• Establish a pool of students preparing for careers in science and engineering with a view toward potential government service.
• Prepare these students to serve as positive role models for their peers thereby encouraging other high school students to take more science and math courses.
• Involve a larger percentage of students from previously underrepresented segments of our population, such as women, African-Americans, and Hispanics, in pursuing science and engineering careers. SEAP apprenticeships are open to US citizens and US permanent legal residents. (NOTE: some sites are restricted to US citizens due to security guidelines.)

Eligibility Information
High school students must be 16 years old to participate. Additional age requirements may be specified by location.

Parents/students are responsible for arranging travel to/from SEAP. SEAP is a non-residential program. Students coming to the SEAP program from out-of-state need to arrange their own housing. The SEAP program is considered a ‘local’ program so there is no locality or housing benefit given to the student in addition to a stipend.

General Program Milestones
• Nov: Student application opens (varies by site)
• Late Feb: Applications due
• Mar-Apr: Applications reviewed & participants selected
• Apr-May: Selected students notified
• Jun-Aug: Students participate in SEAP program (dates vary by location)