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Consortium Research Fellows Program (CRFP)

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By far the largest and most important activity of the Consortium Research Fellows Program (CRFP) is the placement of graduate students as Research Fellows and undergraduate students as Research Assistants. Each student works on a team on an Army sponsored research project and is mentored by a government professional. Fellows and Assistants become involved in their teams' projects, participating in literature reviews, experimental design, survey design, data collection and analysis, computer programming, website design, report writing, and other related activities. Most are students of computer science, economics, education, engineering, information systems, operations research, psychology, or sociology. The sponsoring agencies gain substantial technical and analytical assistance while the students acquire excellent applied experience and also receive financial support. Positions become available throughout the year, and we are happy to keep applicants' materials on file for potential future placement.

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For more information, please visit the CRFP website @ www.consortium-research-fellows.org, or email the director, Dr. Robert S. Ruskin (robert.ruskin@hqda.army.mil).