AEOP programs offer opportunities for students in elementary, middle, high school, college and beyond. We are proud of all of our STEM leaders and leaders in training. Our AEOP alumni represent a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We want to stay in touch with each of you and help you connect with each other. 

Each month AEOP features one of our program participants and future STEM leaders. Read what these alumni have learned and what they are up to now. If you’re an AEOP alumni and want to tell your story visit us here:

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April 2017


Without my experience in HSAP, my scholarship application would not have been nearly as strong as it was.”

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“The best thing about REAP was that we got to work with our mentor every day and we were able to ask him many questions.”

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March 2017


“I gained valuable experience working with different types of research equipment and met with researchers at the ATF and DoJ.”

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“Through AEOP I learned the basics of electronics, enjoying hands-on, mentor-guided practice that allowed me to develop a deeper and even broader understanding of the computer sciences.”

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February 2017


“I have decided I want to become an engineer and develop solutions that will improve lives and communities around the world”

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“I realized I can aim for the stars. I will break down barriers as an African-American female and pursue a career in a STEM field, specifically mathematics.”

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January 2017

“As a result of the UNITE program I feel confident in saying I am a powerful, intelligent, Asian-American woman and I will succeed in STEM.”

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“In learning about something so new, I was exposed to a compelling side of something that I loved, making me even more confident that I want to study in this field in the future.”

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December 2016


“My experience beyond the research lab taught me how to seek out, identify and read papers related to my research questions.”

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November 2016


“Participating helped me decide what I wanted to do for my future career.”

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“Learning from engineers was such a unique experience that I would not have had without being enrolled in the RESET program.”

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October 2016


“Most of my learning at this conference was experiential learning from my peers.”

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September 2016


“This process of learning new things to improve a field was what I knewI wanted to continue after JSHS.”

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August 2016


“The people that you will be working with are unbelievably smart and

helpful—they will guide you to where you want to be.”

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JULY 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 3.42.03 PM


“JSHS also drastically increased my 
interest in engineering and influenced my decisions to pursue mechanical 

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